The Sherbrooke Village Old Fashioned Christmas Association is a not-for-profit, volunteer group, who work diligently in partnership with Sherbrooke Village to offer an off-season, illuminated Christmas festival. There are 13 board members but in all over 100 volunteers performing thousands of volunteer hours in preparation and presentation of the festival. The members of the committee are committed to hosting as many free family and childrens’ activities as possible during the annual celebration of rural Nova Scotia Christmas traditions. The event, which began in 1996, has grown from an expected 1,000 participants over three weekends to over 11,500 over two weekends.

Board Members

Patricia MacKay – Chair

Heather Laybolt – Vice Chair

Karen Hallett – Treasurer

Sheri Mahar – Secretary

Lynn Hayne – Fundraising Coordinator & Sherbrooke Village Liaison

Board Members:

Lisa Myers

Heather Laybolt

Sheri Mahar

Andy MacKay

Dana O’Connell

Keith Gallant

Amy Simon

Beulah Malloy – Municipal Liaison

Kerri Penney – Recreation Liaison